Visiting Naples - What to See and Do

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Beautiful Naples is one of Italy's top visitor destinations for a number of good reasons. The city's incredibly rich history is reflected in the fabric of its architecture and the city is crammed with wonderful churches, stunning palaces, castles and other fine buildings, making Naples a feast for the eyes.

The city's enviable waterfront location and surrounding mountain scenery add to the aesthetic appeal of Naples.

The city of Naples is a great starting point for trips to the lovely islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida, not to mention the world-famous ruins of Pompeii. Historic attractions, architecture and scenery aside, the restaurants in Naples are worth travelling for alone. Neapolitan food is an art form and the city's restaurants serve delicious traditional cuisine using the freshest local ingredients from land and sea.

Ten things you must do in Naples

  • Discover the creatures of the deep at the Acquario, Europe's oldest aquarium.
  • Take a walking tour of Naples, a great way to get your bearings and see the city.
  • Explore the magnificent Palazzo Reale, with its fine architecture and lavish furnishings.
  • Marvel at the vast Duomo di San Gennaro, the city's historic cathedral.
  • Learn more about the city you're in at the beautiful Museo Nazionale di San Martino.
  • Work your way through the Boticellis, Caravaggios and Titians at the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte.
  • Get up early and smell the roses at the atmospheric Flower Market (Mercato dei Fiori).
  • Visit the incredible ruins of Pompeii to the east of Naples.
  • Head to the Catacombe di San Gennaro where you'll find ancient frescoes and mosaics.
  • Check out the wonderful plants, flowers and trees at the Botanical Gardens (Orto Botanico).

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